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Dates of the 2014 Trip: September 28th-October 4th


Chef Celebration Foundation is an association of local Chefs. When we were coming up the ranks, our Chefs helped us along, and now it is our turn to help you, the future Chefs of San Diego. We accomplish this by hosting an annual series of fund raising dinners and events to raise money for culinary scholarships. The Scholarship is for an all expenses paid trip to study for one week at the Culinary Institute of America – Greystone in Napa, CA. Be sure to fill out the application completely. Feel free to add an extra page if you have a lot to say.


Our Aim is two fold.
To support San Diego’s Chefs of tomorrow by creating a scholarship fund, so the ambitious lower and mid level cooks can go to culinary school and learn the skills they need to become Chefs themselves.

To promote the San Diego culinary scene through a series of dinners and events showcasing local Chefs and Restaurants.

Investing in the Culinary Future of San Diego

Applicants who are currently employed may be eligible for a percentage of their lost wages due to time off to attend classes. This salary reimbursement is provided by Sysco San Diego.


· You must be a US citizen or legal resident of the US with a valid work permit.
· You must have a Valid Driver’s License and a Major Credit Card (Visa, Mastercard, etc.)
· You must be at least 21 years of age.
· You must be able to take verbal and written instructions, and successfully complete written tests in English.
· You must not hold a position above Sous Chef.
· You must be able to prove that you have worked in a kitchen for at least 2 of the last 4 years.
· You must be able to prove your commitment to the San Diego Culinary Community.


· The number of scholarships given and the amount to be distributed will be determined by the money raised through the Chef Celebration series of dinners and events. This amount may vary from year to year.
· The Chef Celebration Foundation will pay the scholarship funds directly CIA Greystone.
· A panel composed of culinary professionals will choose winners of the scholarships.