Chef Celebration


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You must apply for the 2015 program by May 10th, 2015! 

The professional kitchen is a team environment, full of unsung heroes– the working cooks who make it all possible. Every well-known chef has risen to the top of the profession with guidance and training from others. They have been mentored, prodded, encouraged, taught a skill, given a first job or a second chance.

Today, Chef Celebration Foundation of San Diego is passing on this tradition of learning and support to San Diego’s rising stars. Chef Celebration chooses 12 culinarians, nominated by chefs in San Diego with whom they’ve worked, to go on a group trip to the Culinary Institute of America’s Greystone Campus in Napa Valley, CA for a week of intensive courses designed specifically for us! It has been a great success and we are looking forward to the future trips, the friendships, and the learned skills that can only improve the community of future chefs in San Diego.

*Christopher J. Collins Foundation Scholarship Recipient

Jarle Saupstad
Alexander Penkin
Isaias Sanchez-Aguirre
Jordana Francisco
Joshua Heinz
Kenneth Helm
Rebecca Chen
Robin C. James
Simon Carr
Tara Monsod
Travis Lawson
Nick Raber

Table 10
Juniper & Ivy
A.R. Valentine
A Miho Experience
Pamplemousse Grille
Waypoint Public
Bali Hai
Urban Solace
Ballast Point

Jason Gethin
Jon Sloan
Jeff Jackson
Ryan Studebaker
Jeffrey Strauss
Jeff Rossman
Amanda Baumgarten
Dion Morales
Matt Gordon
Peter Balistreri
Jamal Mourad
Colin MacLaggan